1. How space outside the south entrance is currently used
    Currently there is only a blank brick wall and the site is not very public or accessible.
    These are the directions from which the south entrance is assessable. People tend to walk in the road quite a bit as it is a quieter road.

    South entrance analysis of callis yard, woolwich

  2. Massing diagram for my final major project showing the development of the masterplan.

  3. An old aerial photograph of Woolwich with my site highlighted in yellow.

  4. Analysing the basic space and form of Callis Yard with a blobby

  5. Sketches of Callis Yard, coloured on Photoshop

    (Source: josephinelees.com)

  6. My site for the Final Major Project. It has an amazing glass roof which used to be used as the hay loft for the horses in the stable below. Not what you expect for Woolwich!

  8. Work in progress but here is the initial section for the Alexander McQueen project.

  9. Our site viewed from the back.

  10. Our site for the Alexander Mcqueen project.

  11. An illustration I made for our current project on alexander mcqueen.

  12. A photoshop collage/render of a first year project. This was based in Shoreditch in East London and was designed to be dual-use. Incorporating a gallery and a restaurant, it was designed (theoretically) for Jamie’s Italian.

  13. Night time render of our Bike Base. The idea was the slices in the building would act as street lights at night for the bike lane.

  14. My sketchbook-condensed into one page!